I am part of NHG

I have wanted to be part of the healthcare family but unable to do so as I was trained as a engineer. Many years back, the only job that was available was the Facility which is closely related to engineering. But you hardly see any vacancy available on their job site.

My chance only came when Alexandra Health have an opportunity available. I grabbed it 3.5 years back and never look back. The company given me a rare opportunity and I learn so many things down the road. I was involve from equipments to facility to medical equipment and energy and facility. It open up a wide perspective and also many career opportunity for me. But I never left as it is near my houses and thanks to Donald who given me this valuable chance.

Woodlands Polyclinic
I reflect on this board at Woodlands Polyclinic and it remind me that I will be part of this NHG family on Oct 2017. Everyone one of us is doing our part to enhance the healthcare experience.

Facilities is just one part of the healthcare back bone support group. We can be outsource anytime if the management think we are not important or of no financial value. But I like any other Engineers hold the knowledge and key to the integration of services to ensure healthcare workers can perform their job.

KTPH July 16 Gardening Day

It is the last week of the month and we return back to the garden to help pluck the weeds. We also help to maintain our hospital rooftop garden where real organic vegetables are plant here.

The team of volunteers who take their precious work time off to weed.

Testing our unique bicycle at the Yishun Promenade

The Run
We went for a run to keep fit after gardening activity

It is really fun working in a hospital as a FM Engineer. Engineers are a small breed in the hospital and I am fortunate to be given a chance to contribute to the public health care industry.

World Water Day and 2016 Site Survey

The Green Committee of KTPH carried out the site survey at Lower Seletar Reservoir together with PUB and our community partners. We plan to do litter picking on that day. It is essential that we remind the public to bin using the provided trash bin. The Lower Seletar Reservoir will be divided into three sectors for us to do the little picking.

World Water Day 2016
A group photo of the committee, PUB and community partners.