Big Ass Fan Origin

I meet a contractor yesterday who told me that Big Ass Fan originate from Singapore. It really took me by surprise as I had always though that it was designed in USA.

Big Ass Fan was made from a low profile factory in Simei. But they were not able to made the quantity enough to keep the business sustainable. They sold the design rights to a buyer. The buyer bought these fans to a greater height as the sales volume was higher.

This may represent that our SME cannot sustain business in a small market like Singapore. In actual fact, they lack the marketing and sales channels to sustain the business.

But then the owner can still help me to improvise and bring back all his ideas to the ventilation fan market. We should not look behind but forward to propel the ideas to a greater heights.

This is just sharing as I cannot validate whether it is truth. But I believe our fellow Singaporeans will not brag for nothing. You can leave a comment if it is really the case.

Wolter Axial Fan for JEM

JEM is making use of the Wolter Axial Fan for their car park fresh air fan.


The name plate of the fan is just like the birth certificate for people. It is install in November 2012 at JEM basement 3 car park. We need fresh air in the car park as there are many fumes created by the car exhaust. This is especially so in JEM as there are many idling cars waiting to park on the weekend.

Wolter Fans has local support in Singapore and is critical for your business operations.
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