SGH Clinic A Payment

It is Friday and the SGH ENT Clinic is packed with patients. The current bottleneck process is the payment and appointment counter. You will have to patiently wait for your turn. This may take 30 minutes to one hour. Everyone is trying to pay attention to the staffs calling the patient to make payment and fix the next appointment. I

SGH Car Park H

Car Park H open or covered car park offers the most economical solution to your parking needs. You can drop the patient or your love ones before proceeding to the car park. The car park charges is $1.08 per hour. The others normal car park charge is at $2.16 per hour. Therefore you save 50% of your money. The open


My mother has finally shed tears today after going strong ever since my father contract the cancer. It is not really easy to console her as they have brave through the up and downs of life. My father have not really enjoy life much as he is a simple and down to earth person.My father has been transfer to the

SGH Day 5

The doctor has once again inform us that my father need to be sent to the hospice. I have inform him that I have selected Dover Park and the doctor will proceed with the application. It is a difficult decision but is needed as there are professional care available for my father.My father is no longer on the MORPHINE drug

SGH Day 4

Firstly, I would like to express my THANKS to all relatives and friends that have visited my father during his stay at the hospital. It has been a difficult time for our family at this time but we are still coping with it.My father condition has been quite stable after removing of the fluids near his heart. He is still

SGH Day 3

The procedure to remove water near to his hear has been a success. A total of 600ml of water was drain out and he is feeling better as the pressure on the heart has been relieved. He was transfer out of the CCU(high dependency) to the normal ward for recuperation.May relatives visited him during the evening and that made him


The doctor has informed us that my father condition is complicated and critical. The water are present both at the lung and the heart area. A decision will need to be make later on whether to remove the water as there are some risk involved. A Cardiologist will be checking his condition in the afternoon before we are ask to

Neurologist Appointment

Brian attended his first appointment with the neurologist at the KK Women's and Children's Hospital. This appointment is to inspect that fits does not affect the development of his brain. The consultant was happy with his current development as there is no evidence to prove that fits has affected his brain growth. The fits will happen during or after the


Brian has been cleared to discharge as he does not have any more febrile fits attack after 24 hours. He is our main worry whenever he contract high fever as there is a high chances he will get febrile fits attack. The waiting for discharge takes two to three hours. It involve waiting for medication, appointments and the discharge letter.

Remove Fluids

Finally my father got his X-Ray today since admission on Tuesday. Fluid was confirm presence in his lung and the doctor arrange to remove the fluid from the lungs. This time the doctor inserted a tube to drain the fluids from his lungs. It is expected to take two to three days to complete the drainage of the fluids.