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1st Guard NSF Dave

It is sad to hear that another incident had happen resulting in the death of Dave. We nned to wait for investigation to be concluded to determine whether safety and training protocol were not adhered to.

The NSF is only 19 years old and parents would loss confidence in the Army System in the short run. There were news on the internet and forums even before his final moment at the hospital. It turn out it was not fake news but whistle blowing by his platoon mates.

You may leave your views on the incident above in the comment page. We send our deepest condolences to his beraving family. RIP.

Army Daze

Singapore Army Recruits on Yoga Mat

Our Singapore sons are getting more pamper as the times change in Singapore. But I am not against the army recruits using Yoga mat to do sit up anywhere. The training grounds may be hard and uneven which may leave marks or bruises on their skin.


This leaves Singapoeeans angry as for the past 40 years or more, we had gone through the hard way. Others will call us a sissy for even putting a cloth on the ground to do sit up.

This was a wrong approach by the Basic Military Training Centre to show the world our soldiers doing sit up on Yoga Mat. Tax payers had to pay for thousands of Yoga Mat yearly.

Are the Yoga Mat branded?

Army Daze

Camera Phones in Army Camp

Singapore Army Camps has restricted the use of camera phones in the camp for security purposes. But this is the most easily breach rules as many people own camera phones. Reservists, vendors, suppliers and even permanent staff still think of ways to smuggle the gadget in as a non camera phone does not fit into their lifestyle . Reservists has nowadays mostly use a non camera phone when they visit the camp for in camp training. They understand the camp security is strict and you will be subject to check when walking through the camp security.

But security will be more lax if u drive in by vehicles as it is impossible for the security to check every vehicles entering the camp. Personnel driving in can easily escape the check. I saw a EMart Staff using an iPhone when I visit the EMart for my stuffs. This is one of the way some external vendors has beat the security of the camp.

Another people which is most likely to break the rule is the permanent staff of the army camp. They understand how the security works and will find some ways to get the gadget in. You can easily find army staff using high tech camera phones like iPhone, Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot, Sony Ericsson WalkMan Phones, Window Mobile Phones on MRT after their work.

Army Security has been very tight nowadays and so my advise is not to challenge the rule. It breaks your wallet if you are found with a camera phone in the camp. Do not be influence by the personnel who have manage to get the gadgets into the army camp. You may be able to bring camera phones in the near future as the government committee is discussing on this topic.