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MACBOOK Periodic Maintenance

The MACBOOK is a maintenance free laptop. But I still run the MAC OS X Maintenance Script at least once a month. This is to keep my MACBOOK in the best performance. This has allowed me to keep my MACBOOK for 3 years with no performance drop. I am still using 2GB of RAM compared with others who are on 4GB to 8GB of RAM.

Run the MAC OS X Maintenance Scripts by reading this guide>>>

Backups and Recovery are also important. This is a backup plan for your MACBOOK if it was to fail on YOU one day. Time Machine comes with your MACBOOK. Use it to create snapshots of your harddisk. It will backup all your data on your hard drive. Your data will be safe with the Time Machine. Use the Time Machine to backup your data at least once a month.

But if your hard disk on your MACBOOK failed, Time Machine cannot help you. This is beacause it cannot create a bootable duplicate of your MACBOOK startup disk. You need a software call SuperDuper to create a duplicate bootable startup disk.

Most users start with Time Machine since it comes free with your MACBOOK. Add the SuperDuper software to your list and you will have a comprehensive backup and recovery plan for your MACBOOK.