Preparation for Hong Kong Trip 2015

It is going to be the children first trip to Hong Kong. They are all excited except for their mother. She is not so happy as she had been there with her friend in 2014.

It is the best trip that fit into the budget for this year. But I know my wife wanted a trip to Australia or Japan. A family trip would easily cost us $5K to $7K. This would be reserve in 2016 or 2017.

This may have upset my wife. In view of the budget, I will just keep quiet and proceed with the trip as usual. As you can see travelling alone is affordable. A family trip will run into high cost and yet the expectation is there for the husband to borne the cost of the trip.

Let’s hope a flight on Singapore Airlines A380 will change her perception of the trip. Unless we save enough for a Japan trip next time, else we just stay in Singapore.

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