Parenting Workshop@Admiralty Primary

I attended a series of Parenting Workshops conducted by Admiralty Primary School for Primary 1 & 2 Parents. The workshop consists of Mother Tongue, Maths and Phonics. Mother Tongue Workshop is to enable us to use Hanyu Pinyin in learning Mandarin. The MOE has also setup a online website that teaches us the usage of Hanyu Pinyin.

The Maths Workshop main purpose is to inform Parents how to use Maths Models to solve problems. Gone are the days of just providing correct answer only. Drawing models will allow teachers to know that the student understand the problem. The model consists of the Part Whole Model and Comparsion Model. I will upload a guide by February 2009 to show you model solving Maths problem.

Phonics Workshop was conducted by a trainer engaged by the school. She mentioned that most of the students were not well trained in Phonics during Kindergarten. Nursery Rhymes is well used to train the students on the use of Phonics.
The last agenda was the Teacher Meet the Parent session. This session allowed the Teachers to explain to Parents the students learning process in the school.

But there are minus points of this Workshops and are mainly due to logistic problem. Admiralty Primary School are rather weak in this as compared with other schools. They have always under estimate the turn out and therefore there was not enough chairs. It happened during Primary 1 orientation last December. The lesson was not learned and it happen again at this workshop. The 45 minutes session per Workshop were not sufficient and the speaker has to apologized for this. Generally it still benefited the Parents as the speakers had presented their information well but do not have ample time.

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