Enhanced Baby Bonus for Singapore Babies

The Baby Bonus cash gift and matching Government contribution in the Children Development Account (CDA) have been enhanced for Singapore citizen babies born on or after 17 August 2008
(or whose Estimated Date of Delivery is on or after 17 August 2008) to
lawfully married parents. An eligible first and second child will
receive up to $4,000 in cash gift and enjoy matching Government
contributions in the CDA up to a cap of $6,000. The benefits for a
third and fourth child remain unchanged with cash gift of up to $6,000
each and matching Government contribution of up to $12,000 each.
Children of the fifth and higher order will be eligible for Government
matching contributions in the CDA up to a cap of $18,000 each. Actual
payment of the enhanced Baby Bonus benefits will only be made after the
necessary legislative and administrative changes are completed.

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