Animal Crossing Friend Codes

They are unique codes generated by your WiFi enabled game and your DS.
By adding people’s friends code to your Friends Roster and them adding
you to theirs, you will be able to visit their towns when they are
online and they will be able to visit yours.

How do I get my friend code?

get your Friend Code, visit the checkpoint located at the north end of
your town and talk to Copper. When asked, let him know you want to set
up a Nintendo WFC connection. He will let you know that you do not yet
have a Friend Code and then issue one to you.

My Friend Code for Animal Crossing is 081759115116.

What do I need?

A high-speed internet connection (Cable or DSL).
A wireless router or Nintendo’s Wi-Fi USB Connector

Click here to our Step by Step Guide on Nintendo Wi-Fi Settings

Full connection information can be found here:

How do I add a friend to my Friends Roster?

add a code to your Friends Roster, tap the "up" arrow in the upper
right-hand corner of the screen, and then tap the heart icon. On the
following screen, tap "Register" and then enter the Friend Code you
received from the player you wish to visit or invite to your town.

How do I receive the Nintendo letters?

Nintendo will send out communications to all Animal Crossing Wild World
players. These can be messages from game designers, Nintendo Power
staff, and even the president of Nintendo himself. Letters may also
contain exclusive items that can’t be obtained anywhere else in the

If you wish to receive letters and other communications
that Nintendo sends out to Animal Crossing Wild World players, pick up
the phone in your character’s bedroom and select ‘Downloads.’ Tap
through the dialogue until you are asked, "What about downloading
letters and bulletin board messages?’, and select "That’s fine."

15 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Friend Codes”

  1. Hey ppl! put ur friend codes out plz! I wanna visit new places!!! Ill have my gate open most of the time on Sundays + Mondays. Here is the info…
    Town: Shmigado (dont ask)
    My name: Sammy
    Friend code: 0044-5324-1522
    I dont care what u do in my town, just PLZ come i am SO bored. (yes ii am using an action replay)

  2. hey i added you sammy to my friends my friends code is 1461-9253-7994 add me…..anyone is more than welcomed to add me i am new at this any want more friends and i want to go to other towns….

  3. hey i added you 🙂 please my code is 2106-4014-5403 name Rosie town halai (yes with only one i at the end :P) thanks 🙂

  4. Heey! I added you on animal crossing wild world;) Lets be best friends!! My name:Jessica(with a heart at the end)Town:St.Johns.My code:4855-1860-3718 Thanks!! Hope you reply

  5. k i will add you add me here is my stuff
    name axel
    town nintendo
    fc: 3781-3780-5787
    pls come to my town pm or e-mail me ( when you added me and i will get you and then come to my town need you to buy something from my shop so i can get nookigtonspls

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