Income Tax Rates 08

I guess many of you have started to received your Income Tax bill. The tax rates is the same for every tax resident in Singapore.
You are treated as a tax residents for a particular Year of Assessment (YA) if you are a:

  • Singaporean; or
  • Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) if you have established your permanent home in Singapore; or
  • Foreigner who stayed/worked in Singapore for 183 days or more in previous year (excludes director of a company).

Otherwise, you will be treated as a non-resident for a particular YA for Singapore tax purposes.
You may check out how your taxes is calculated and the Tax Rates by clicking here>>>

You may also download this useful tax calculator to calculate your taxes. You must enter the similar amount of income and reliefs that you have submitted to the Tax Authority to get an accurate  estimates of your taxes. Download the Tax Calculator>>>

Singapore Citizens with two children will get a $10,000 Tax Rebates but you must apply to the Tax Authority to enjoy this rebates.
Please visit IRAS for more info>>>


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