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PAP Kindergarten Chinese Lesson

I have agree with Mentor Minister Lee K Y on the importance of learning Chinese. We are a bilingual speaking Family and therefore teaching Chinese to our child is still manageable. But after my child, Amelia entry to Primary School, I start to realize that her Chinese Foundation during her Kindergarten days were weak. She can speak fluently Chinese but when it come to writing the Chinese Characters, it become her weakest part. This maybe due to the reason that she has not been teach to write the Chinese Characters frequently during her Kindergarten days. This may also be an oversight by myself and my wife. The review of my child performance in Kindergarten also stress less on the mother tongue but more on English, Maths and other Soft Skills. In addition, there is only one or two Chinese Teachers at the PAP Kindergarten in Admiralty.

We have started to correct this mistake by personally teaching her to write the Chinese Characters. Now we need to ensure, we do not made the same mistake on our second child, Brian. My wife will be looking to let Brian joined another Pre-School run by the RC Centre as they emphasized on both Mother Tongue and English.