Java Virtual Machine

Java software allows you to run applications called "applets" that are written in the Java programming language. These applets allow you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D. Corporations also use applets for intranet applications and e-business solutions. If you still have difficulty accessing the site after installing the Java Virtual Machine, you will need to contact the webmaster or the technical support of the website.

Download Java Virtual Machine

Brain Challenge

Just like your body, your brain needs to exercise to stay in shape. Maintaining it simply involves completing little exercises without pain, stress, or boredom. That’s where Brain Challenge™ comes in! It’s like a real vitamin boost for your brain. Brain Challenge is more than just a game or program. Brain Challenge is your personal coach and entertaining, easy solution for keeping your brain alert.
Using various, amusing exercises, train your brain whenever and wherever you want! Your coach will follow you everywhere on your mobile phone!

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Pandora Bricks

The challenge is to knock down all the barriers and kill the final-level monsters. Besides your skills, special blocks with hidden bonuses like mallet, multi-ball, caterpillar and the incisive magnetic field will help the player along the levels. In single player mode, 2 platforms are controlled by the CPU and this makes the game-play of Pandora Bricks unique. In multiplayer mode 2 players (moving 2 platforms each) will help each other clearing the 30 levels and kill the 3 final bosses. With Pandora Bricks both casual and hardcore gamers will have on their mobile phone a rare ad exiting game experience.
Come into Pandora’ dimension.

* 4 platforms
* Enky will help Gilgamesh moving 2 platforms automatically
* 3 different animated locations
* 30 levels
* 2 characters: the Ancient God Enky and Gilgamesh
* 3 final-level Monsters
* Astonishing bonuses
* Mythic music
* Multiplayer Bluetooth mode

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Samsung Yp-K3 MP3 Player

Today I will talk about the pro and cons of this music player. It sound system is good as it got 3D surrond sound. The menu is also easy to navigate with its touch screen function. You can also listen radio on the play. It also allows you to add text files to the player which you do not find this functions on other players. Some of the cons of this player is that you cannot add or delete songs and edit your play list. All these has to be done from the Samsung Media Studio. But Apple and Creative have the functions on its player without the need to access their media studio. This is a point Samsung can improve on its future player or through upgrade of firmware.

Playin TV

Playin TV is a new channel for playing games on your television. This is available to all Starhub Digital Cable Subscribers. There is some free games on the channel for you to test it out. Press Channel 401 to access Playin TV. At any time, subscribers of Playin’TV will be able to enjoy up to a total of 19 easy-to-play TV games suitable for all ages. The 19 games will include the six Playin’TV Mini games and an additional 13 games, with genre ranging from sports, puzzle, card games, action to simple arcade games. The game titles will be rotated regularly and new titles will be introduced monthly. Playin’TV is available at a monthly subscription of $8 ($8.40 with 5% GST) with complimentary waiver of first digital set-top box.

NEW! Playin’TV Triple Play
Playin’TV is also on Mobile and Internet! Now you can continue playing your favourite TV games on Mobile and the internet for FREE. To continue playing a game on mobile or internet, simply enter the Playin’Code at the start of the game.

Visit Starhub Digital Cable for more info

Samsung Media Studio

You can add individual music files or the whole folder to the music library. This software do not use the term playlist which is normally used by Apple and Creative. The term it use is My Album but it functions the same way a playlist do. In addition, you can add the music in the libary to a theme which also functions like a playlist. You can burn your music to a CD using this software and do not have to use 3 party software like Nero. It also allows you to add pictures to your Samsung YP-K3 but the quality of the photos is not so good on the player due to the technical limitations.


YouTube FAQ

Do u want to download YouTube Videos and watch it anytime on your computer? U do not want to copy and paste link to download a video. VideoDownloader Firefox Extension add a small icon on the status bar at the bottom of your firefox window, and a toolbar button.

Download YouTube Videos
U can now download YouTube videos using third party website for offline viewing at your own leisure.

  1. Visit the YouTube Video you like to download first.
  2. Copy the link of the YouTube Video like this one
  3. Paste this links at the YouTube Videos download site like Video Downloader provided below.
  4. It will download a flv file to your computer.
  5. You need a flv player to view the YouTube Video.
  6. Get the FLV Player by clicking here.

Download and view YouTube Videos Offline
These websites allow you to download YouTube videos and view it offline using a FLV Player. The LeechVideo website allows you to convert the video for viewing on Ipod, PSP and mobile phone.
Video Downloader

FLV Online Converter
This website allows you to convert the flv videos use by YouTube, Google, Metacafe and others to AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP online.
FLV Online Converter

Other Video Sharing Website

Samsung YP-K3 MP3 Player

I have bought the latest model Samsung YP-K3 MP3 Player(2GB) at the Singapore IT Show for only $199. It also comes free with a $20 songs download voucher, AC Adaptor and Charger and free LCD Sticker Protector.
1) 2GB / 4GB / 8GB* Memory Capacity
2) 1.8" Full Color OLED Screen
3) Emotional GUI with Light-emitting Touch Pad
4) FM Tuner & Photo Viewer
5) Up to 25 hours playback (earphones)
6) DNSe Portable 3D Surround Sound
7) Support MP3, WMA, JPEG format
8) Available in Black, Red and Green**
Note: * 8GB version will be available from 2nd half of 2007
** Vivid Red & Lime Green version will be available from Apr 07.


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