Wife Grievance #01

Women have grievance if things are not going the way it is intended to. She have done the hard work at home such as household chores and the family is not contributing.

We also done our part in helping the household chores but not good enough for her. She feel we have done too little. As her temper is like stock market so we choose to be silent on it.

I am not going to cook the meal portion for you and the children. You have to settle it yourselves.

I have to settle myself and the children meals over the Easter Holidays. It is not so hard as I can do a combination of cooking and take aways. The university days had trained to be a cook but of course not as skilful as my wife. The children are used to this kind of situations.

You will discovered in this type of scenario, the person will feel she is always right. We are the ones doing the wrong things.

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