Mum Fall and A&E

The Accident and Emergency Cost is $115 which is one of the most expensive in Singapore. My mum is an emergency case where normal clinic is unable to treat her. She had a swollen eye and fracture wrist after her fall earlier today at 10am.

KTPH A&E (1.15PM)

The waiting time is high today and estimated to be two hours. This is exclusive of the registration time. But due to my mum condition, she was escorted to the P2 area for treatment.

Patient relatives can stay in the A&E Care Corner while the patient receive treatment. You need to ensure that you update your mobile number and the patient name in the log book register. This will allow the doctor to contact you if you left the area for food,  toilet break or any other’s.

The doctor will update you the treatment plan before they commence the treatment. My mum had to do CT Scan to ensure her brain did not sustain any injury. After the clearance of the scan, they proceed to straighten her fracture hand and do casting.


My mum was discharge on the same day and the bill will be shocking. The total cost comes to $426.20. The major cost comes from the A&E charge of $115 and CT scan estimated to be $243. $115 only covers standard A&E procedures. All non-standard A&E procedures are chargeable.

Pioneer Generation Card cannot be utilise here. You also cannot use Medisave as you are not warded. Thus in view of the above, medical cost is really high in Singapore.  You need to ensure you get warded for 24 hours if you want to made use of the Medisave for payment.

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