Pretty Singapore Girl Cannot Find BoyFriend

Many pretty Singapore Girls had no problem finding a boyfriend when they cross the maturity age of 21. The pretty and sexy Singapore Girl below seems to hit a roadblock.


Let us just look at some of the criteria that Chinese Men must meet
1. Must be earning at least $7,000
2. Prefer to stay in condo
3. Must have a maid as she do not cook

The first criteria will shrink her pool of potential boyfriend to less than 50% of the eligible bachelors. In addition, she must also compete with other pretty Singapore Girls. If any men that meet the first criteria, then there shall be no issue of meeting the other criterias. They should have a combine salary of more than $10k per month which should give them a comfortable lifestyle.

I wished all the best to her in finding a potential boyfriend and get married. She is indeed the dream girl every guy want to have. But most of us cannot meet her criterias and can only be her friend.

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