Mum 66th Birthday

We celebrate my mum 66th Birthday with a dinner a Paradise Dynasty restaurant at Causeway Point. It is my mum and the children favourite.

cold dish

This time we try the jelly fish cold dish. There are vegetables, prawn and squid in it. Refreshing taste.

Fried Mee

The Fried Mee is also the favourite dish. The children also love the egg fried rice and they start eating so do not have a chance to take a photo. These dish are a bit oily so drink tea but their tea is not hot enough according to Chinese standard.

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao are the children favourite food. We tried the normal and the cheese version. Normal for us and the cheese type for the children. Refer to the method of eating this dish with a manual on the table. A spoon is always needed as the soup within will be drooling out the moment u bite it.

Use the OCBC or ANZ cards to get additional discount. Paradise Dynasty members also get rebates for their meal. Fraser Reward member can also use their card here.

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