SGH Day 4

Firstly, I would like to express my THANKS to all relatives and friends that have visited my father during his stay at the hospital. It has been a difficult time for our family at this time but we are still coping with it.
My father condition has been quite stable after removing of the fluids near his heart. He is still able to talk but softly or it will cause him to be breathless. Currently, the doctor has prescribe MORPHINE to him already as he complaint of sereve pains. The dosage is 0.5ml per hour and he is given 10ml which will last about 20 hours. There were no pain after the drug was administer for the rest of the day. His stomach is still very bloated and hard.
The doctor has also advise us to let my father stay at a Hospice so as to better manage his condition. He has recommended four Hospice locations for us to consider. It cost around $160 to $210 per day stay excluding subsidies. We will have to go through a MEAN TEST before we know how much subsidies we can qualify for?

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