Hospice Updates

I am working night shift these few days and will be unable to visit my father. My mother will be visitng her. His condition is quite stable and is well taken care by the Hospice doctors.
He has some cough today and my mother has ask the nurse to give him some cough mixture. There is less intake of food but he will always finish the small tub of ice-cream given to him during lunch. The nurse also give home COKE everyday as it is his favourite drink.
I have received the letter from Dover Park Hospice on the payment matters. The charges is $210 per day. After going through the MEANS Testing of the Ministry of Health, 50% of subsidy is given . In addition, we also get $90 deducted off daily from the donors fund and so we end up paying $20 per day and is deductible by Mediasave. I would like to express my sincere Thanks to the Singapore Government and the Donors.

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