Trial Study Collection of Data

My father has to bring along 1 packet of Ensure milk and the ABT-869 to be consume at the NCC. He has to spend 1 whole day at the NCC as there are some blood samples need to be taken for the study of this trial medicine. The blood sample will be taken every one and half hour and the last will be around 545 PM. It has been a tiring day for him as there will be no place to reset except at the sofa in the NCC.
This is the disadvantage of participating in a trial study as you are a study subject. We can understand that collecting of bloods, doing X-Ray and scan and urine collection will assist in the study of the effectiveness of this trial medicine. This will be further improve if they allow my father and other similar patients in this study to be admitted to hospital for a half day stay. Patients taking this medinice are physically and mentally tired although it can help them to substain their life.

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