My Favourite Family Routine

Today is a public holiday and I and my wife decided to bring our kids to the Zoo. We have got 4 free tickets to the Zoo which was redeem from my credit card bank, OCBC. The queue was extremely long at the tickets counter where many families has also bring their families out.
My kids are very curious at the animals. Amelia has visited the Zoo before but this was the first time for my son, Brian. We have lunch at the Zoo but it was not nice and expensive at the food outlet. The nicest will be the Ice Cream which we bought for both of them. They enjoy the tram ride in the Zoo where they get to see the animals on the move.
The kids were tired by 3PM after seeing all the animal shows and animal feedings. We decided to went home as they need to take a nap. Both of them slept by the time we get on the bus back to Woodlands which is available on Sunday and public holidays only.


More pictures of the Zoo outings>>>

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