Tan Tock Seng Hospital Review

We have regretted letting our father to be treated at the TTSH Cancer Department. But as we stay in the North and it is of course the choice hospital for us. We have decided to make a switch to the National Cancer Center in Outram. my father went to see the doctor at the polyclinic and managed to get a referral letter to be seen at the NCC.
The doctors at Tan Tock Seng hospital are not taking any further action after his chemotherapy treatment did not help to reduce his tumour. They have offered a more expensive treatment but there is no guarantee of success. Furthermore, the doctors sometimes do not even know the medication my father is taking that are prescribed by their doctors.
My father is still getting the frequent cough at night and it is time we take action to get a second opinion from another government hospital. We have to act fast before the Ministry of Health decided to get rid of the Singhealth and NGH cluster. Subsidy patients may not have a choice of their treatment hospital but need to depend on the decision of the doctors in the future.

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