Amelia Eczema Status

My daughter, Amelia has a history of Eczema and it recently it started to get worse. She went to see a consultant at the KK Women and Children Hospital previously but that did not help to improve her condition. My relative recommended me to a private consultant, Doctor Koh Poh Kian at the Singapore Baby & Child Clinic at Ang Mo Kio. You need to called for appointment or you may be rejected away due to many patients. We got our appointment yesterday at 930PM. Dr Koh was very attentive to my daughter condition and give us an update on her Eczema condition and the necessary steps need to be taken to improve her condition. Baby Johnson soap cannot be used or her Eczema may worsen and instead a milder soap like MILDERM Skin Cleanser is to be used for her bathing purposes.
The total bill comes to S$204.10 and consultant fees alone costs S$80. It is quite expensive but still OK for us as this will be claimiable as my children are cover under my company outpatient insurance scheme. But the clinical assistant serving us was not very sure of the medication as I guess she was not experience enough.

Dr Koh Poh Kian
Singapore Baby & Child Clinic
Ang Mo Kio Centre
Blk 726, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Singapore 560726
Tel: 6456 8874
Fax: 6458 2278

You can find more on Eczema at verywell Health by clicking here>>>

6 thoughts on “Amelia Eczema Status”

  1. Do you know where can I buy this MILDERM Skin Cleanser? I have been looking for this cleanser all over but I still can’t find it. Any information is appreciated.

  2. Yes I am. I couldn’t find it at Guardian at all. I have try Watson, Guardian, Unity and they all told me they do not have it. In fact, I even bought the bottle along to show them but they all say they don’t have it. Can I know which Guardian store did you know have it? Thanks.

  3. If it is not available, you can get it at the Singapore Baby & Child Clinic. I am not sure whether they will charge extra if you are not their patient. Maybe I will check with them to see whether possible to walk in to buy the MILDERM Skin Cleanser.

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