Fits Attack

My son got another Febrile Fits attack in the early morning before 8am. It is less than one minute and the nurses and doctors spring into action. He was given the fits medication and fresh oxygen. This allow him to recover within 5 minutes after the attack but he felt sleepy afterwards. He got a few hours of sleep before waking up and was feeling full of energy.
His mother went back in the late morning to rest. I need to play and entertain with him till the late afternoon as he was back to normal health. It is good to see him full of energy again. He has a good hour of sleep before the nurse disturb him again as they need to give him two doses of puff using the space chamber.
My wife return at 6pm with our daughter and my son favourite food, Sushi. He ate finish his portion and have a fun time with his sister. He did not show his anger when I went back together with my daughter.

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