Febrile Fits

My son has a history to have febrile fits whenever he has a high fever. He underwent one fits at home and another at the KK Women's and Children's Hospital. He was admitted to hospital for observation for any fit seizure although his temperature has drop to normal. I have taken up the B2 ward as usual but some surprise was awaiting us. As the hospital was full, we were move to a deluxe 1 room bed but 4 beds were crammed inside. Only 1 bed will have access to the necessary medical equipment which happen to be our son one as he need oxygen access. The admission section should have inform us that there were not enough bed in B2 wards and not till we found out ourselves in the ward. I have to put this aside first as my son health is still my primary concern. He spend most of his time sleeping after the second fits after he received the medication.

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