SMRT Trains Burning Smell

In recent months, you would have notice an increase in an occurrence of the burning smell on the NS and EW platform. This is alleviated at elevated stations as it is an open ventilated station.

There must be a change of parts associated with the braking mechanism recently which had caused this. The smell did not occur at the platform in 2017 or earlier.

SMRT had clarify no asbestos are used for their braking mechanism. This bad smell will provide an undesirable working environment for the SMRT service ambassadors who spent most of their time on the elevated stations platform. The question is what cause this burning smell to surface and SMRT had not provided any concrete evidence to support their case.

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8 Shopping Malls in JB to Go Besides KSL And City Square in 2018

Singapore Residents love shopping in Johor Bahru. You may want to find out where you want to go beside the favourite haunts of City Square and KSL City.

If there’s one thing that attracts Singaporeans the most to JB, it’s the shopping malls. Everything’s just so much cheaper there, and there are so many quirky and fun things to do. We’ve gone and scoured for

Source: 8 Shopping Malls in JB to Go Besides KSL And City Square in 2018


First six Thai boys rescued from flooded cave, SE Asia News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

Many followed the news with great anticipation for the safety of the trapped personnel. It is a also a learning from all of us on the preparation works that lead to the rescue Mission. We also need to salute the diver whom sacrifice his life in the process of assisting to save them. This demonstrates the team work that goes behind the Mission.

SE Asia News -At least six  members of a Thai schoolboy soccer team have been rescued from the flooded cave where they had been trapped for more than two weeks.. Read more at

Source: First six Thai boys rescued from flooded cave, SE Asia News & Top Stories – The Straits Times


NHGP Waiting Time

It is good that you can know how many patients are waiting before you see a doctor. You can plan your time at the PolyClinic.

You will see a QR Code at the bottom of your attendance slip. Scan using your camera or QR Code reader. It will inform you how many patients are waiting before you.

Use the HealthHub to book your same day appointment before you visit the PolyClinic. 95% of the time, you will see a doctor within one hour.


KTPH Staff Appreciation Day 2

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital staff appreciation day 2 where all come to enjoy the cupcake with icing done by the senior management.

Facility Management is one of the critical backbone support for the hospital to drive their seamless operations. We are at the forefront running a critical facility equipped with CD shelter. There are so many interesting things to learn and innovate everyday. It is critical to gain valuable knowledge as we can be replace any time due to cost cutting measures unlike healthcare workers.


Be responsible for the environment

Everyday you see drivers on the road throwing rubbish out of their car. They are doing the wrong things and setting the wrong examples for their children as they are seems as role model. Let us change our habits and feed the rubbish to where they are suppose to be. We can made Singapore and the world more clean by our small actions everyday.



FM company are employing innovative technology to improve their work flow.

ISS had placed RFID tag in all the toilets at the NHG Woodlands Polyclinic. This must be one of the technology innovation to assist them in their processes.


CDL Sustainability Volunteer Works

I took half day of works away to volunteer with the KTPH Sustainability Committee to do some volunteering works at the Marina Barrage. Manay volunteers from across Singapore play their part to create this art scultpure at Marina Barrage.

We have to end our volunteering works early as it started to rain.


Plastic is part of our lifestyle and we need to manage it responsibly to ensure that it does not impact our environment. But you always find plastic bags and bottles entering our drainage system as there are a group of people that do it for their convenience.

Please do your little part to save the environment and slow down the climate change process. We cannot erdicate it but let us migitate the situation for our future generations.

CDL New Release Jun 5 2018


SCDF NSF drowns in ragging incident; Police arrest 2 regulars

It was a celebration for his ORD that had turn into a mishap. The SCDF regulars had went over the limit and we will know the truth when the investigation had concluded.

Everyone whom had gone through service in Singapore either in Army, Police or SCDF Will knows well on how regulars behave.

Although SCDF had make great efforts to convey the information through different communications protocol that certain activities are not allowed but there are still people whom will not adhere to it.

Source: SCDF NSF drowns in ragging incident; Police arrest 2 regulars