Water Efficient Building Gold for Hospital

It was hard work for the past 6 months as we embark to achieve the Water Efficient Building Gold/Silver certification. A basic foundation was already laid to manage the water resources in the hospital when it was built. My team just need to build on the foundation and setup a rigid system to manage the water resources effectively.

We went on to write up a plan in March 2014 by tapping on the SS577: Water Effieicent Management System. A consultant was also engaged to advise us on the documentations, plans, equipments and any others that are demm necessary.

In a hospital, we use portable water, NeWater and the nearby Pond Water to meet our needs. Previously, we were unable to break down who is the major users of the water on our site. But after going through the SS577, we were able to draw up a plan to ensure that we know where our water are been used. Laying the hardware for the remote metering is the easy part as we already understand where are the major water usage areas already. But executing it is tough as we have to do it on weekends. The jobs have to be done from 5PM to 2AM to minimize the impact to operations.

A SS577 Pre-Audit was conducted in the 2nd week of May to prepare us for the full SS577 Audit in the following week. The Auditor goes through our documentations and advise us on the short comings and findings for us to rectify. The SS577 Audit trail in the 3rd week of May 2014 was the toughest hurdle as we face 2 experience auditors for 2 full days. The audit team was fair and they show us where we were lacking and need improvements. They have some minor findings and we need to rectify it within one month in order to ensure we can get the SS577 certification.

We finally obtained the SS577 Certification on 23 July 2014 after rectifying all the findings during the audit trail. The next 2 months we just concentrate on managing the system without thinking of the certification we will obtain.

The team attended the Water Efficient Building Silver/Gold Certification on 25 September held at the National Environment Building. We knew that we won the Gold when we saw the display panel in the event hall.

It will be mandatory for buildings with more than 5000 cubic meters of usage to submit a Water Efficient Management Plan to PUB in 2015.
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