PPLive: Internet TV

PPLive is internet TV which allowed you to see TV on the internet. It made use of P2P technology which means the more users it has the better the reception are. There are a wide variety of shows ranging from, movies, dramas, sports, documentary, variety and others. This is a China website and therefore most of the shows are in Chinese. You need to download a PPLive Player to see the internet TV.
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Memory Card, Symbian Phone

N73 Memory Card Access on Computer

It allow you to transfer files between your N73 SD card and computer without the need to install any drivers. You can use the Data Cable function in the Tool menu. Set the Data cable mode to "Ask on connection". Connect the data cable between the N73 and your computer. Choose mass storage on your N73 and you can see your memory card of N73 in the Windows Explorer. You can now copy your music, videos, pictures and files between your computer and the SD card.

Memory Card

2GB SanDisk Memory Stick Micro M2

M2_2gbSanDisk Memory Stick Micro M2 2GB with MS PRO DUO Adaptor inside. Beware of imitations in the market, this has SanDisk holograms and comes with 5 year local warranty by SanDisk’s Singapore sole distributor (Vector Magnetics P/L). Approximately 1.2mm thick, the Memory Stick Micro (M2) is designed to meet the growing storage needs of multifunctional mobile phones. Compatible for Sony Ericsson handphones like K790i / K800i / K810i . Photos, Videos, Data, any file formats. SanDisk cards are well known and they’re faster and more reliable than any other brand.
Price is SGD$75. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal.


Microsoft Vista Bios Crack

Reports about the crack started circulation online a few weeks ago. The method uses a feature that allows system builders to qualify new computers as licensed by inserting a short digital marker in the BIOS. Upon detection of this special marker, Windows XP and Vista bypass product activation and anti-piracy checks.
This OEM Activation programme is limited to large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with which Microsoft has a direct relationship. Read more>>>

Mobile Phones

LG KG800

Lgkg800 The LG KG800 is a slide designed handset with a stylish black gloss finish. It is slim (15.2mm in thickness) and lightweight (83g with standard battery). The KG800 features a hidden display and a touchpad that glows red when activated which then becomes ‘invisible’ when not in use, redefining the sleek and simplistic design of the handset. The other features are MP3 Player, Bluetooth, 262,000 TFT Colour Screen with a resolution display of 176X220 pixels. It also have a 1.3M pixels camera with flash and video recording. It is retailing for SGD $380 currently and prices are subject to change.


Prison Break 2

This is one of the hotest drama to hit the television across Asia Pacific.
Michael Scofield是一头陷于绝境欲拼死一搏的怒狮,他的兄弟Lincoln Burrows几个月就将被以谋杀罪处以死刑,但Michael坚信他是被冤枉的。为了拯救了自己的手足,Michael抢劫了一家银行,因此而被与Lincoln关进同一所监狱– 福克斯河州立监狱。作为一名建筑工程师,他对监狱的建设蓝图了如指掌,带着Lincoln逃出生天也成为Michael入狱的唯一目的。
Prison Break 2

Mobile Phones

Singtel Online Store

I have recently renew my contract on Singtel Shop Online by purchasing an N73. It offers free delivery and there is a discount of $30 if you order between 9PM to 9AM. The N73 phone was great but I forgot to inspect the 3G sim card which comes free with it. I was inform that once the 2G sim card is deactivated, I can use the 3G sim card straight away. My 2G sim card was deactivated the next following day. I only discover that the 3G sim card issued to me was wrong as it failed to register on Singtel Network. I called the customer service and found out that the sim card issued was incorrect. The sim card no given to me does not tally with the invoice sim card no. Please ensure you check your sim card no tally with the invoice sim card no if u use Singtel Shop.


Game Data

PSP games allowed you to auto saved the game data or save the game manually. You must remember to saved your game progress or u have to start playing the game all over again. You can see your saved game data in the Saved Data Utility in the Game Menu on your PSP. Click on the Saved Data Utility and you can see all your saved games details like the size of the file and the last saved date. The saved game data is stored on your memory stick and is located in the following folder, E:/PSP/SAVEDATA/GAMEFOLDERNAME/ where E:/ represent your memory stick. You can also copy your other PSP gamers saved game data to this folder.