Kampung Admiralty Escalator B1 to L1

It is critical that escalator are purchase base on quality over price. The equipment are subjected to wear and tear as it needs to transport thousand of people daily.

IFE Escalator

The escalator had break down a few days and this had inconvenient the public. This is the best mode of transport to get to the NTUC Fairprice and POSB outlet. Else you will need to use the lift lobby and cut across the car park.

It is recommended that building owners evaluate products based on minimum 60% quality over cost. More operating expenses will be incurred if the quality of the product is not satisfactory. This will also bring great challenges to FM on maintaining the uptime of the equipment.

Woodlands Ring Secondary Principal Address

Today is the first principal address to the students and parents. It was a fruitful one hour presentation as we discover WRS school management and nurturing our child.

The principal made it very clearly that WRS facility is not as good as the other schools in Woodlands like Evergreen or Woodgrove. I have email MOE hoping that they will have plans to improve the facility and have a more conducive environment for the students. You can play a part also if your child is in this school

The school is still the top three choices during the S1 exercise. This is due to the school management and its good location for residents in Admiralty.

The below is how they will be graded in the first year

  • Term 1 CA Test (15%)
  • Term 2 CA Test (15%)
  • Term 3 CA Test (15%)
  • Final Year Exam (45%)
  • Performance Task (10%)

You will have noticed that they do not have mid year exams unlike most of the main stream secondary schools.

Let’s hope my son will have an enjoyable 4 years in this school. He will be able to walk out of the gates with a good character and acceptable results.

I will talk about WRS CCA in the next post as it is part of their development in the school.

National Heart Centre Clinics Self Payment Kiosk

There are self payment kiosk available for the specialist clinics. This will speed up your payment process as compared with depending on human.

But for getting of appointment, you still need to queue and get serve by a staff. They still do not have an online system for you to book. It is either available over the counter or through the appointment contact centre. This might change in the future as productivity is the key to our success.

IOS 11 Tips #01

You can use the night shift function to read the screen when the room is dark. It is more smoothing for your eyes.

Go to Settings – Display & Brightness – Night Shift to enable the function. You can adjust the warm tones according to your needs.

It is not recommended to use your phone in a dark environment for a long period of time. It will strained your eyes. The eyes will be wet and tears will drip if you use over a period of time.

Amelia Growing Up Pains #01

The clashes of mother and daughter had evolved into the 3rd day. Both have the same character of been stubborn and this war is not getting any where.

My wife is not going take a step back on children sleeping late. I try to convince her but she still feel she is right. These are the 21st century children and you need a different method to communicate with them.

Amelia also failed to understand the rationale behind. As a 15 year old girl, she want to have the capacity to decide what time to sleep by herself. She does not understand her mother intention.

My wife also cannot control her emotions and anger if any people goes against her decision. I understand it is so difficult to change a person character which is deeply embedded in them. They do not have an open heart to receive constructive feedback. In fact, they shut out all these channels.

Therefore I will not be able to help them both. They do not want to listen to me and make the necessary adjustment. I am not sure whether my wife can change if I ask her brother to talk to him.

Parenting is indeed an uphill task when they are into the youth. I shall see how long this differences will last.

Let’s Play

Let’s Play event is happening at Kampung Admiralty. We are lucky to have the feature event here as HDB want to showcase the new green integrated hub in the north.

Attracting the neighbourhood to the event at the open plaza.

The crowd streaming in after the opening times after taking their breakfast at the Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre.

Have you visited the Kampung Admiralty?

Tonkotsu Ramen

The Tonkotsu King Ramen is one of the special Ramen you should not missed.

There will always be a light queue (waiting time: 30mins) at the store. You can enjoy free tea while waiting for your turn.

They will take down your order so that they can made preparation immediately after allocating seats for the diners.

This restaurant only had a seating capacity of 28 persons.

DIY and grind your own pepper to garnish the Ramen

Free flow of eggs so you do not need to do special top up

Tonkotsu King Ramen

Kids under 10 eat for free

Complement your Ramen with Gyoza

You should ask for normal soup as it maybe quite salty. Do not add chicken oil to made it a healthy choice.

You can choose to have your Ramen as follow

  • Hard
  • Normal
  • Soft

All the seasoning are on the table for your usage with your meal. Free flow of water where other restaurant will even charge you for it like Paradise Dynasty or Crystal Jade.

This restaurant is run by Japanese so the service is tip top unlike those other branded stores run by local which still lack service delivery.

The address of Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King is:
Paya Lebar Square
60 Paya Lebar Road
#01-04 Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051
Tel: +65 63416123

I will not comment much and you may give it a try to feel your taste buds.

Starhub Porting over land line

Starhub porting over of land line is not as seamless as mention on their website. Timing is quite important to ensure your downtime is as minimum as possible.

Time Line

It takes 7 working days to unlock your land line and enable the incoming Telco to process the application. The incoming Telco take 5 working days to complete the transfer. Therefore you are looking at a few days if downtime if it is time correctly. The whole process will take 12 business working days to complete.


Sending in the transfer app by email is not seamless. You need to ensure the agent receive your form else it is not counted. Sitting in the email is not good enough as their sales executive share the same email.

Therefore it is better to submit through the customer service centre to ensure acceptance of instruction to act.

Please leave a comment if your porting over of land line is delay in anywhere.