4,000 pledge to save water at Singapore World Water Day launch, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

Singapore News -SINGAPORE – More than 4,000 participants from 30 organisations and educational institutions pledged on Saturday (March 3) to do their part at home to save water and fight climate change.. Read more at Straits Times.

Source: 4,000 pledge to save water at Singapore World Water Day launch, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times


Kampung Admiralty Open Plaza Update #06

Kampung Admiralty had many awards but there are also pending issues awaiting to be resolved. The open plaza sky light canopy is not automatic and pose an issue during rainy day.

The open plaza is wet again as the sky light canopy did not closed. It needs manual intervention which still awaiting HDB to resolve it.

It is a safety issues and may result in senior citizen having a fall. It is not evident that anyone is following up on this case as outstanding since Oct 2017.


iCloud Terms and Conditions Looping

The new iCloud Terms and Conditions keep looping even after I accept it. It was a repeating process and the notification did not went away.

iCloud terms and conditions looping

  1. Accept the new iCloud Terms and Conditions
  2. It is still looping to ask you to accept
  3. Sign out of your Apple ID
  4. Restart the iPhone or iPad
  5. Sign in your Apple ID
  6. The notification should disappear

There is no other viable solutions should you meet with the above issues. Apple Support will also asked you the take the above steps if all other means are exhausted.


农历新年杂菜饭摊收2元附加费 公众质疑收费率是否合理 – 8频道新闻及时事节目

This news extract is in Chinese and everyone is discussing the legality of price increase during Chinese New Year. $0.20 to $0.50 of increase is acceptable to the public.

But the vegetable rice stall is charging $2 surcharge for every plate or packet. You cannot determine whether it is used solely to pay the manpower over time or the bosses extra bonus. It had been a trend that this is the only public holiday where all the business will try to put in the surcharge. I will let you decide whether it is fair and you can comment on it.

为了在农历新年期间继续营业,许多餐饮业者向顾客征收附加费,但有顾客申诉,后港港脚坊(Kang Kar Mall)食阁的一家杂菜饭摊位每包饭征收2元的附加费,引起公众质疑该收费率是否合理。

Source: 农历新年杂菜饭摊收2元附加费 公众质疑收费率是否合理 – 8频道新闻及时事节目


Passing on Tan Choo Keng

I have been visiting my Father 3rd Brother yearly during the Chinese New Year to forge our family ties. We do not maintain a close relationship as he is from an affluent family. His wife and children also maintain a certain gap with us due to the different backgrounds that we are from.

I still had much respect for him whom had help all his brothers when they have difficulties in life. He was generous with his wealth to help the unfortunate and his family. He used to give me a $40 hong bao ever since I was as a child. My children also received the same amount from him.

I wished that he can find peace on his next destination.


Singapore Budget 2018

An short update on the Singapore Budget 2018. Do not be lure by the Ang Bao as it is seen as a carrot prior to the general public election. We should be concern on the GST rise and the introduction of carbon tax. It is going to affect the daily life of ordinary Singaporeans excluding the well off peoples.

1. *Angbao*

All Singaporean will receive $100 to $300 depending on their income.

2. *Tobacco excise duty*

Increase by 10% from today

3. *GST on overseas import services*

We might have to pay GST for Netflicks, Spotify, app store and even shopping online.

4. *Buyer stamp duty*

Increase to 4% for private ppty worth more than $1mil.

5. *GST hikes*

Increase from 7% to 9% starting from 2021 to 2025.

6. *Tax reduction for donations*

250% tax deduction for donations to charities that are Institutions of a Public Character will be extended for three more years, until 2021.

7. *Foreign domestic helper levy*

Increase from $265 to $300 for first worker. $450 for second. Take effect April 2019.

8. *Extension of S&CC rebates*

Extend for one more year

9. *Enhance housing grant*

Promixity increase from 2km to 4km for living near parents. Grant increase from $20k to $30k.

10. *New Enterprise Development Grant*

Combine IE Singapore and SPRING’s existing grants, with up to 70 per cent co-funding

11. *Corporate income tax*

Rebate raise to 40%, cap at $15k for Yr2018.

20%, cap at $10k for Yr 2019.

Meanwhile, to help the marine shipyard and process sectors cope with ongoing weakness, the foreign worker levy increases will be deferred for another year.

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Malaysia Custom on Chinese New Year 2018 Day 3

I have chosen to return on Day 2 of Chinese New Year to beat the mad traffic jam on the North South Highway. I am driving more than 500km from iPoh to Singapore. It was quite a smooth journey on the roadway.

You should top up full tank in your home town before hitting the roads. Petrol station at the R&R before KL are usually very packed. The R&R after KL is more relax as most travellers are going into KL or the outskirt towns.

Buying Fuel at Petrol Stations
Foreign cars need to pay upfront before they can start the pump. You will pay RM$100 and you only buy premium fuel like 97. If purchase by credit card, then you start the pump after the verification process.

Malaysia Custom
Everything was smooth till we got the Malaysia custom at 2am. Motor cars coming from different sides had to merge into one lane. There are only 12 counters to serve the influx due to the Chinese New Year. You will see how normal good people change character as they try to get to the counters. Outside the custom, you can differentiate drivers who cut queue. But once inside, it is difficult as some are force by the police to do it. The drivers in front will not see the picture and thought you cut queue.

It may be nightmare on the 19 and 20 morning (12am to 6am) as everyone return back to Singapore. I do hope that they will not be like us merging into one lane.

Singapore Custom Crossing
It was smooth at Singapore Custom crossing. There are sufficient staffs to meet the Chinese Lunar New Year influxes.

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year.


Dayre shutdown and why I need to own my blog

Dayre was a great blogging application for users in Malaysia and Singapore. It had serve these users well throughout the past years. It is a free service and depend on coins and additional subscription service to sustain the service.

The business was not able to sustain and the boss had to made a difficult decision to let it go. It is a decision which all of us understand.

Are you a blogger?

It is hard pain for bloggers to see their posts to be deleted when the blogging platform close down. You might even have to spend time downloading it and not sure where to migrate your post to.

Own your BLOG

I have been using a self hosted blog for many years. It is a peace of mind for me as I am in control of my content. There is no worry of losing 10 years of posts in one night.

There is no free lunch in this world. I have seen blogger shutout of their blog or in some extreme case where the blog is deleted. This maybe due to complaint or any other unforeseen matters arising.

The blogging platforms own the content, server and hardware. They have every rights to handle your blog as it deem fits to their satisfaction.

You only pay for your domain name and server space to maintain the blog. It cost less than S$100 for a personal blog like mine. You might want to think in the long run if you like to pen down your life and thoughts. Happy Blogging.


Garmin Nuvi 55LM

I am going back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year 2018 and will need a new GPS for my road trip. Garmin Nuvi 205 have serve me well for 9 years and should be retire.

As a green person, I opt to buy it for Carousell as I can get it for less than $100. I found the Garmin Nuvi 55LM and bargain it for $70.

The seller was nice and preload for me the latest map version. There are so many new features on this model which is not available on my old Nuvi 205.

Get your second hand gadgets on Carousell so that the item can be reuse. They are definitely going to be cheaper than buying a brand new item. Sometimes it is brand new as the seller got us as a gift and does not want it. Happy Shopping.


Sexy food vendor at Taiwan Market

You can turn your sales into the maximum with acceptable food taste with a lady with good cleavage and ultra shirts. The food do not have to be the best but snaking queue will form due to the guy curiosity and attraction of the opposite sex.

Read the full article 😀

http://Busty babe in ultra-short shorts helps Taiwanese snack vendor quadruple sales Busty babe in ultra-short shorts helps Taiwanese snack vendor quadruple sales


MiHealthCare Shut Down

MiHealthCare will shut down on 28 Feb as updated by the NHG call centre. They do not want to reply my email but informed me through the phone.

You can still book your appointment through it until 28 Feb 2018. A link to HealthHub app is also present for you to use the new app.

There is a bug in the MiHealthCare where OTP will not be generated within 5 minutes. This usually occurs after 12am and there are customers who login trying to get a early appointment. This will not occur on HealthHub.

From 01 March 2018, all polyclinic Appointments will be carry out using HealthHub. You will need your Singpass account to book the appointment.

Parent will need to book the appointment for their children as they do not have the Singpass account.