Waterless Home of the Future

Imagine that you can wash clothes without using any water. This will save you hundred of dollars on water bills. The reality is there must be a paradigm shift in order for the technology to display its effect on people. Afterall, we had been using water to clean our clothes eversince mankind evolve.

Are you ready to turn off your water tap?


Urinal Pit Servicing Cover

Urinal pit in shopping mall are high usage equipments due to the large customer base they have. It may be operating every minute if the human traffic are high. They will also break down due to wear and tear and  operating hours.

Normally when the urinal pit are down, facilities will place a trash bag over it or tape it up to prevent usage by customers. Capital Mall had a very special bag to cover the urinal pit during the equipment down time.

Urinal pit cover

WEMS 2015 Update Request

PUB had recently contact me to modify the water efficiency plan for 2015 submission as they feel that some data was not correctly represented. They only give me 5 working days to modify when the submission was done in June 2015. PUB would have contact me earlier if they feel the submission was not accurate.

Water Efficiency Manager are now busy preparing for the WEMS Submission for 2016 right now as the deadline is 30 June 2016. Have you started your WEMS submission plan already?