LG Mobile Support Tool

You have to install LGMobile Updater Application before you can download the manual, software or the lastest firmware for your phone. You will not be able to get the latest PC Suite from LG Mobile website unlike Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Samsung.

STEP 1 Country & Language
When you install the Updater application, the Country & Language settings are automatically updated according to the user's PC information.
LG Mobile Tool
To change your country, just press Options& Help and select Country & language. Set to your desired country and language.

STEP 2 Manual & Software search
This program searches the manual and software for your phone.

Select “Application, Manual & USB Driver Download…”.

LGMobileStep1Enter a value for “IMEI/ESN/MEID” or “S/N”, and then click the view button on the right.

The result of search will be displayed.

STEP 3 Manual & Software Download
Download and use the manual & software in the list.


Double-click “Manual” or “software”, which is displayed in File List, and download it to your designated location.
※ N.B.: Make a note of the download location.

You can get the LG Mobile Support Tool here and then use it to get the latest PC Suite and USB Driver.
LG Software Update Tool>>> 


Viewty Original Theme Files

The Original LG Viewty have got three theme files. The themes are call Black, Silver and Fish. Many Viewty users has install the Theme Manager on their Viewty and been playing with the theme files. Some of you may lost the theme file especially the silver theme as you need to replace it in order to use the Theme Manager. You may use these original themes if you have lost it or decided not to use the Theme Manager.

Install the Original Themes Files back to 'LGAPP/Media/Swf/Theme". The themes files are theme_bg1.swf, theme_bg2.swf,theme_bg3.swf.

Tthere are two files call nyx_open_menu.swf and shortcut.swf you may want to insert it back to lgapp/Media/Swf. You do not need to perform these step if you have not meddle with the files previously.


Viewty Battery Saving Tips

Many users has been complaining on the poor battery life of the Viewty. The battery life depends on the Phone and Profile Settings and the usage of the users. You can often get 3 days of usage before a recharge under normal conditions. I have come out with a list of battery savings tips to help Viewty owners to improve their battery life.

1. Multitasking!
After you’ve finished using an application or browsing on your Viewty,
make sure the application is properly exited or it’ll sit in the background
using precious processor cycles & resources, which in turn uses
battery power.

2. Profiles!
Some of the default profiles use some of the higher powered settings on
your handset! Edit them so they are no more than you require! Pay
particular attention to numbers 5 [Backlight] & 6 [Haptics] below.

3. Bluetooth!
BT is a wireless connection that most people seem to be happy to leave
on, even when they’re not actively using the service! Turn it off when
not needed to preserve power & prevent the remote hacking of your Viewty.

4. Brightness!
The screen brightness can be adjusted from 100% down to 20%! i have
mine set at 60% and that is bright enough for the screen to be clearly
visible even on the brightest of days! Turn it down to help with you’re
power saving measures.

5. Backlight!
The backlight will consumes your battery power. Set your backlight to 20 or 30 secs and it will help to save your battery life.

6. Haptics!
Haptics use a little rotating electric motor to cause the vibration you
feel when touching the screen of your Viewty! this is by far the
biggest single cause of drain on your battery and should be edited to
one of the lesser settings in whatever profile you use. There are 3
different vibratory types and the one to go for is "Vibration 1"
as this gives the shortest burst of the 3! you should also lower the
level of vibration to between 1 and 3! you’ll still feel something
& anything more is just showing off.

7. Touch Tone!
You should probably turn off the sound altogether, as this gets annoying and also drains battery power.

8. Camera!
Using the cameravideo in either mode draws a lot of power! The Red Eye Reduction and Multi-Flash is another main culprit for the power
drainage! Turn it off and edit your pics in WindowsMac. Any Image
editor worth having on your PC has the ability to remove Red Eye.

9. Network Mode!
for those that don’t use the 3G functionality of their phone at all
(browsing fast Internet or Video calling), switching from Automatic to
an option other than UMTS (GSM network dependant) may have the effect
of lowering the network search frequency of the handset and reduce power
consumption as a result.

10.Power Save
Ensure that you have enabled the Power Save in the Phone Settings. It will help you to save your battery life.


Adding Games to Viewty

It is very easy to add games that you have downloaded onto your laptop or PC to your LG Viewty KU990 or KU990R. You need to download java game in .jar format. The game must be transfer to the external storage such as the Micro SD or Transflash card. You will used the USB Cable to connect your phone to the laptop or PC.
Set the phones USB mode to Mass storage (Menu > Settings >
Phone Settings > Connectivity > USB Connection Mode > Mass


Ensure Phone is connected and drag and drop the game into the Others folder.
The game file will be copy to the folder. Disconnect the phone and go to My Stuff and select Other files. Your downloaded game should be listed here. Select the file and click on Launch. The game will be installed onto your handset.


PC Suite and USB Connection for Viewty

LG KU990/KU990R users who wishes to synchronise their Viewty with the computer must install 2 essential software. You need the USB modem driver in order for the USB cable to function. This will also allowed you to view your external memory card in your Windows Explorer on your PC or Laptop.

Download LG USB Modem Driver>>>

The other software is the PC Suite for synchronising your Viewty with your Outlook. You can also backup or restore your phone using this software. Pls take note that your Viewty package has a small CD which includes all the software for use with your PC or Laptop.

LG KU990 PC Suite is not easily to be found on the internet. I have links for you to download the PC Suite just in case you lose it or your CD is corrupted.

Download only PC Suite PC


If u lost the CD, I am including a update tool here which will enable you to download the cuurent USB driver and PC suite.
LG Software Update Tool>>>

If you are using LG PC Suite, please ensure the Phone Settings – Connectivity – USB Connection Mode is set to Data Service. Likewise, if you just want to access the SD Card of your Viewty in your Windows Explorer please set the Phone Settings – Connectivity – USB Connection Mode to Mass Storage.


Install Themes on LG Viewty KU990/KU990R

The LG KU990 Viewty does not officially support the user
installation of new handset themes – but that hasn’t stopped Viewty
owners…like me?

At present, there is no officially sanctioned way to download and install new Flash-based themes onto your LG KU990 Viewty.

Just a word of caution: I, or anyone else accepts no responsibility
for any damage that hacking into your Viewty to upload a new theme will
cause. Installing a new, unofficial theme using these methods may
violate your Viewty’s warranty. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Backup the contents of your phone. This is vital man. Do this with a
software called EFS Media Builder. This software allows you to browse
and delete protected directories on your Viewty. Don’t worry, I have
scouted the internet for these programs, and I’ll provide you the links
to access the necessary files to get your themes up and running!
You may wish to download the backup guide by clicking here>>>

EFS Media Builder is just the tool used to access the “secret” and
hidden directories on your LG Viewty. However, you’ll also need Themes
Manager 3.2, which contains the various themes like iPhone, Windows
Theme, Viewty and many other themes.

So what you do is access the “secret” directories I told you about, and basically install these themes into your phone.

Step 1: Download the files EFS MediaBuilder and Theme Manager 3.2

Step 2: Run EFS Media Builder, and navigate to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme”. BACKUP “theme_bg2.swf”. If you really don’t want to fuck things up, just backup the whole damn “theme” folder.

Step 3: Choose where you want to install your theme manager.

Installing to Memory Card:

1) Install “theme_bg2.swf” into “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme” using EFS Media Builder then restart the phone once done.
2) Navigate to Settings, Phone settings, Connectivity, USB Connection
mode and pick Mass Storage from the list then connect the phone to pc
3) Switch USB connection mode to Mass Storage then browse to the Memory Card/Removable Storage.
4) Drag and drop the “Themes” folder from the rar file directly to the root of the memory card.
6) Navigate to Settings, Screen, Handset theme and pick Silver from the list.

Installing to Phone Memory

1) Edit the “ThemeList.txt” file to make all custom themes point towards the phone memory (//LGAPP/Media/swf/theme/Themes)
2) Navigate to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme” with EFS Media Builder.
3) Drag and drop “theme_bg2.swf” file and the “Themes” folder into this loction then restart the phone.
4) Navigate to Settings, Screen, Handset theme and pick Silver from the list
You need to edit the ThemeList.txt if you install to the Phone as it currently set to the memory card location. Change the '0' to '1' for all the themes in the ThemeList.txt file.

Step 4: Installing additional themes (if any)

Perform the following:

1) Create a new folder inside the “Themes” folder and give it a name relevant to the theme you’re about to install.
2) Drag and drop all the new theme files into the newly created folder.
3) Update “ThemeList.txt” to point towards the newly installed theme .SWF files.

Step 5:

So now that you’ve installed it successfully, what do you do? Run it of course.
Please ensure that the current theme is Silver or change it. It will not work with other themes like Black and Fish.

To load the Themes Manager, double tap the “C” button (located on
the actual handset) to bring up the list of available themes. Use the
left and rights arrows, or use the jog wheel, to navigate through the
pages and click on the theme you wish you use. Once you have a theme
you wish to keep double tap “C” button again to hide the menu.

You can also swap between the built in icon styles by pressing the “Black” or “Coloured” button.


Viewty KU990R Mass Storage

You can enable the mass storage function on your Viewty KU990 or KU990R to access the memory card on your Viewty. Go to the Main Menu->Phone Setting->Connectivity->USB Connection->Mass Storage. You will be able to copy your pictures and videos taken to your computer. The camera and video must have been enabled to save all pictures and videos to memory card instead of handset memory.
Pls take note you must have installed the USB Modem Driver in order for it to work.

Download USBModemDriver>>>
Visit the forum for any queries>>>


How to check Viewty Firmware?

There are many firmware versions type for different service provider. It consist of ver 10a, 10b, 10c, 10d and 10e.I am using the latest Viewty, LG KU990R for this firmware check.
You can check the firmware by keying in 3845#*990#

SW Version: KU990R-MSM6280-V10a-JAN-21-2008-SG(R236015C)
Media Version: KU990R-MEDIA-V10a-JAN-21-2008-SGP
Module Version: KU990R-MODULE-V10a-JAN-21-2008-SGP
HW Version: NYX_B(C)
DSP Version: App5C C1 ROM – 0x60700
Factory Version is KU990R-00-V10a-525-XX-JAN-21-2008


Document Viewer

The Viewty has a document viewer capable of displaying TXT files, PDF, Word Documents, PowerPoint and Excel. You are not able to edit the documents but to view it only. You can also read it in the landscape mode. It allow you to enlarge your documents by using the zoom tool. The documents will be stored in the folder Documents on your Viewty.