LG Mobile Support Tool

You have to install LGMobile Updater Application before you can download the manual, software or the lastest firmware for your phone. You will not be able to get the latest PC Suite from LG Mobile website unlike Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Samsung. STEP 1 Country & Language When you install the Updater application, the Country & Language settings are automatically updated

Viewty Battery Saving Tips

Many users has been complaining on the poor battery life of the Viewty. The battery life depends on the Phone and Profile Settings and the usage of the users. You can often get 3 days of usage before a recharge under normal conditions. I have come out with a list of battery savings tips to help Viewty owners to improve

Viewty KU990R Mass Storage

You can enable the mass storage function on your Viewty KU990 or KU990R to access the memory card on your Viewty. Go to the Main Menu->Phone Setting->Connectivity->USB Connection->Mass Storage. You will be able to copy your pictures and videos taken to your computer. The camera and video must have been enabled to save all pictures and videos to memory card

How to check Viewty Firmware?

There are many firmware versions type for different service provider. It consist of ver 10a, 10b, 10c, 10d and 10e.I am using the latest Viewty, LG KU990R for this firmware check.You can check the firmware by keying in 3845#*990# SW Version: KU990R-MSM6280-V10a-JAN-21-2008-SG(R236015C) Media Version: KU990R-MEDIA-V10a-JAN-21-2008-SGP Module Version: KU990R-MODULE-V10a-JAN-21-2008-SGP HW Version: NYX_B(C) DSP Version: App5C C1 ROM – 0x60700 Factory Version

Document Viewer

The Viewty has a document viewer capable of displaying TXT files, PDF, Word Documents, PowerPoint and Excel. You are not able to edit the documents but to view it only. You can also read it in the landscape mode. It allow you to enlarge your documents by using the zoom tool. The documents will be stored in the folder Documents