Cravit Tablet

His cough is quite bad also but better as the consultant has been given him a new medication. This medication is a Cravit tablet which contains 500mg of Levofloxacin. Only patients with normal renal function can take dosage up to 500mg. It cost S$46.70 for 10 tablets. Download Cravit_Tablet_MY.pdf My father has decided to opt not to remove fluids regardless

Health Condition

My father now spend about 80% of the day sleeping after his discharge from the hospital. His appetite is less than usual but still normal. He appear to be more weaker than before. Chemotherapy will resume next week but I am not sure how the treatment will affect him this time as he is rather weak. He will request for


My father is having a lot of cough especially during the night time mading him to have a good night sleep very difficult. He try to get some sleep during the day as the cough is not that serious. There is still no signs of side effects like loss of appetite or loss of hair. He now feel more tired

Medical Report

In order to faciliate claim for my father critical illness policy insurance claim, we have to obtain a medical report from the hospital. A fee of SGD$80.25 is chargable for this medical report.The medical report contain information about diagnosis, name of procedure, and details of medical condition or treatment given. You may also call this hotline, 63578448 to obtain more