HTC against iPhone and Omnia

The latest gizmo from HTC, the HTC Touch Pro is taking on Apple iPhone and Samsung Omnia. It’s only plus point is the five row slide out QWERTY keyboard. It is primary design for users who liked to use a real keyboard over the on screen type.
But the iPhone and Omnia will be too strong for HTC to overcome. Firstly, all Singapore mobile operators are pushing the promotions on iPhone and Omnia. Secondly, Apple and Samsung has strong product support for their customers. Thirdly, there are many blogs and forums providing expertise on how to use the products.
2008 and 2009 will mark the beginning era of touch screen phone. More such type of phones will be released in the near future.

iPhone 3G Feelings

Many users have started using their iPhone 3G from Singtel in Singapore. You can now combine your iTunes songs, videos, photos, applications and voice call on one device.
You can open up to 8 web pages for surfing. Many users like the MSN Mobile, Facebook and MySpace applications. You can also use the App Store to download games. There are many games which are free for users and some are paid versions.
The iPhone 3G can made use of EDGE, Wi-Fi and 3G to connect you to the Internet. It will auto switch between the different protocols to connect you to the internet. Please ensure you have a data plan to save on the data charges.
YouTube is also preinstall on the device and you can search for the videos for viewing. Streaming of the videos is smooth and you can use the Wi-Fi or the 3G network.
Enjoy your iPhone 3G and subscribe to our blog for more updates.

iPhone 3G in Singapore

After months of waiting for the iPhone 3G, it has finally been sold from 12:01am today. Many people with the appointment letter turn up at Singtel headquarter at the ComCentre.
There are now thousands of proud owners for the iPhone 3G. The iTunes Singapore Store will be very busy as more iPhone 3G and iPod Touch are sold.
Support for the App Store, iTunes, Photos, Videos, Songs will now be available at our blog. The phone functions support will also start after I obtained the iPhone 3G. Read up on our iPod, iTouch and the Apple categories for more info. Drop us an email if you have any questions.

iPhone 3G Prices Release

Singtel has finally released its prices for the iPhone 3G. It is making the iPhone 3G affordable to everyone.They have introduce three new range of iFlexi Plans that are loaded with BONUS mobile data
for Mobile Internet Browsing, and extended free Wireless@SG. The three new plans made specially for iPhone 3G are iFlexi Value, iFlexi Plus and iFlexi Premium.
Click here for the iFlexi Price Plan>>>

Prices of iPhone 3G
It is best to take up the iPhone with the iFlexi plan as they provides normal voice services plus it is bundle with data services from 1GB to 3GB. Current subscribers can also use their iOne, iTwo and iThree plan but they need to take up a Broadband on Mobile for the data plan.

iPhone 3G 8GB
iFlexi Value: $348 | iFlexi Plus: $49 | iFlexi Premium: $0

iPhone 3G 16GB
iFlexi Value: $508 | iFlexi Plus: $208 | iFlexi Premium: $0

Please check the Singtel iPhone website for more information on the iPhone 3G prices and the subscription plan.

Booking Appointment
You need to book an appointment to get your iPhone 3G. Singtel will sent you a password if you have reserve the iPhone 3G. You just need to key in your IC/Foreign ID and the password given in the email to access the appointment page.

Contacts Synchronization for iPhone

The contacts can be synchronize to your iPhone 3G using your Outlook program.You just need to enable the function in your iTunes device settings. It will open the Outlook program and synchronize with your iPhone 3G.
Keep and update your contacts in Outlook so that you will not lose your contacts information. Press the syn button in iTunes and all your contacts will be copy to your iPhone 3G.
It is time to keep all your contacts information on Outlook if you have not done so yet. Most of the current Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and other mobile phones allow you to synchronize the contacts to the Outlook. Do it now if you plan to get the iPhone 3G and this will prevent you from losing any important contacts. Drop us a comment if u have any problem.

iPhone 3G Singapore Launch

iPhone 3G will be launched in Singapore on 22 August 2008 at Singtel Store. Singtel will be bringing in the 8GB and 16GB version with the choice of Black and White color. The pricing of both type of iPhone 3G will be announce at a later date. If you have reserve your iPhone 3G with Singtel, you will receive the email as shown below.  The App Store will bring free and paid games and applications to your iPhone 3G. We will be showing you how to get ready for the iPhone 3G. Subscribe to our blog to get the latest news.
Read about the App Store at our blog>>>


iPhone 3G Coming to Singapore Soon

iPhone 3G will be coming to Singapore soon. There are speculations that it will arrived on 22 Aug 2008 just before the Singapore IT Show, Comex 2008 starts. If it do happen, queue will start to form up on the first day of the Comex Show 2008 at Singtel booth. If you have registered your interest of the iPhone 3G with Singtel, you will have get the following email in your inbox.
More details will be expected to be released from Singtel and Apple in the coming weeks. But some Singaporeans are already using the iPhone 3G as they have bought it from Hong Kong and Australia. For the rest of us, that’s just wait for the Singapore Launch.


Critter Crunch Game Offer


Critter Crunch is offered at a special promotional price of US$5.99 for a limited period. The promotion will run from 1st August to 8th August.

Games Description
Welcome to the Jungle! A magical place filled with cute, colourful
critters frolicking in the sun, smelling the flowers and… eating each
other! In Critter Crunch, take control of Biggs, a hungry little guy
with a special talent that keeps him on top of the food chain; Biggs
uses his long, sticky tongue to grab critters that hang from the tree
above and then feeds them to each other till they burst, dropping tasty
jewels which Biggs loves to eat! But be careful, there’s strength in
numbers; if the critters reach the bottom before Biggs eats enough
jewels to get full, they’ll gobble him up like a swarm of cute
piranhas! Original and fresh, Critter Crunch is the perfect little
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