Family Gathering at River Garden Coffee House

A great gathering organised by Sister Ah San to bond our family together through meals. Everyone have fun eating and talking to one another during the meals.

Look at some of the great foods that we have. No time to take the others as we are too busy eating.

Family Bonding Time during our meal break with selfies.

River Garden Coffee House on FourSquare>>>


Family, Legoland

Legoland opening at Nusajaya

Legoland will be opening its door at Malaysia, Nusajaya. It is now selling its annual pass at discount rates to the public in Malaysia and Singapore.

Ticket Prices

Type Malaysia Singapore
Adult RM195 SG80
Child(3-11) RM150 SGD62
Senior Citizen(Above 60) RM150 SGD62

Please go to the Annual Pass office in the BEGINNING zone when you visit LEGOLAND®s for the first time and exchange your voucher into an annual pass photo ID.

Sales Location
You can buy online at AirAsia Red Tix or SISTIC Singapore.

Legoland tickets
Photo Courtesy of FB Friend, Carmen.

Legoland is expected to open in Oct 2012 and the latest by Dec 31 2012.

Visit Legoland Malaysia for more info.


Crayon Scratch on PCF Uniform

Both of my kids went through the PAP Community Foundation Kindergarten class. One of my youngest kid, Brian met with some problems in his K2 class at PCF Blk 652 Woodlands Ring Road. The class size is over 20 but the principal has elaborate that it met the MOE guideline of max 25 students to one teacher per class.

My wife feel that the teacher is unable to handle the class as a few issue has occur at the class. We now start to communicate with the kid to check what is happening. The latest issue is there is a naughty student who is using crayon to draw on other students shirt. But the teacher is not doing anything much about it. So my wife need to wash his clothes. I will bring the case to Ms Christina Lim should it occur again.

The PAP Community Foundation Convention theme is ‘Towards Excellence – Teaching, Caring, Inspiring’. In this blog post, I wished that the teachers will be more caring to my child. Bascially I do not hope him to come back with crayon marks on his shirt or explaining issue in the class. It is about learning and preparing for primary 1 class. PCF has to do a lot of catching up when compared with private kindergarten service providers in Singapore.


Family, Japan

Leaving for Japan

The day has finally come for me to depart to Japan together with my colleagues.My family did not sent me to the airport as the flight was next day morning 1am to Japan.I really cannot bare myself to leave my wife and my children.But technology has improve and therefore I can see them on Skype everyday. Use Skype for video call as it is much clearer and sharp while MSN quality will be bad unless u want to message only.

The SIA Flight to Japan, Fukuoka was quite full with only 6 seats left unfilled. The managers from our company was there to sent us off.


We bought some presents for our Japanese Colleagues in the duty free shopping centre in Terminal 3. Here we are awaiting for the gate to open to board the flight to Japan.



Renouncing Your Malaysian Citizenship in Singapore

My wife will be going to renounce her Malaysian Citizenship in Singapore at Jervois Road. You will need to be at the embassy before 8AM and get a queue number. They only process a limited number of applications per day.

All documents (except Form K) must be accompanied with 2 photocopies. Ensure you bring all the necessary documents and photocopies for the application procedure.

Here’s what you need to bring with you:

  1. Passport
  2. I/C (Singapore & Malaysian)
  3. Birth Cert (laminated)
  4. Singapore Certificate of Citizenship
  5. Expired (or not expired) Malaysian passports
  6. Original Form K, which is Yellow.
  7. 3 recent passport-sized photos (blue or white background)
  8. SGD$6


There are some Malaysians who cannot have the patience to wait up to 5 months for the whole procedure to complete. They cross the Causeway to speed up the process.
Read this blog to find out more>>>

Singapore Citizenship Approval Letter
The approval letter is valid for eight months. But the RENUNCIATION OF MALAYSIAN CITIZENSHIP is going to take at least 5 to 8 months. The approval letter can be extended if you need more than 8 months by booking the Oath Date

You need to book the Oath Date through their e-site and the approval letter valid will auto-extended. The web site to make the oath booking is under Citizen Registration.
** you only  able to change 3 times and no more.


The things I want to do with my family!

I and my Family have enjoyed ourselves at the last Family Day Celebrations. This year, I plan to join the HiPPO River Cruise together with my wife and 2 children. They love to sit on the boat and it will be a new experience for them to cruise the Singapore River. It is a good chance for the kids to know the heritage of the Singapore River. They will also be able to catch a good glimpse of the vibrant life of the waterfront. 

The DUCK & HiPPO Group has been in Singapore for a long time but we have never really tasted their tours but hear of good reviews from tourist. It will be a good chance to join their tours during the National Family Day Celebrations for free. Thanks for your generous contributions.

We have long wanted to join this tour but put if off due to tight time schedule. Most of the discounts are meant for tourist and not for Singaporean like us. It is a great opportunity the National Family Day is giving us for a chance to be a tourist for a day and enjoy the cruise with our Family.

Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit!

Baby Bonus, Family

Faster Maternity Leave Claims

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Singapore, has announced that the Government has modified its maternity leave subsidy scheme to allow companies to receive their payments earlier.

As of next month, Singapore employers will no longer have to wait until a worker uses up all their maternity leave before being reimbursed.

They will get part of the subsidy as long as half of the 16 weeks of leave mothers are entitled to, has been taken. The existing subsidy scheme requires the Government to reimburse businesses for half of the 16 weeks of leave but only after the mother has taken all the leave. Thus under the current system, companies may only recieve reimbursement as late as 12 months after delivery.

According to Dr Balakrishnan, the new arrangement would make the system fairer to employers, especially with the bleak economic climate. This will hopefully help to improve cashflow for companies and encourage them to support women who want to have children and to remember that in both good and tough times Singapore must continue to be a family-friendly society.

The Government has set up a new website for interested members to find out more on the 

  • reimbursement of Government-Paid Maternity Leave
  • reimbursement of Government-Paid Childcare Leave  

Click here to the Pro-Family Leave Schemes>>>

Family, YouTube

Singapore Imperfect Couples Search

Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) has launch a campaign to find the Imperfect Couple on FaceBook. This is a run up to the recent launch of the Funeral TV Commerical shown recently on television.

Every couples is not perfect in real life. Although our personalities and characters are different, we can still stay happily together. Please be patient with your partner and you will discover the inner beauty of each other. Family Bond is precious and long lasting.

Let's endure with each other imperfection and let our family bond strengthen. 

Family, HFMD

HFMD Detected on Adult

HFMD not only affects children but can also spread to adult. I have contracted HFMD through my children as I have shared food with Amelia previously before I knew she got the disease. It is similar to the children as I got red spots on my hand, foot and some on the face. It is quite itchy and you have to resist from scratching it.

There is no known anti viral for it so the doctor prescribe medicine use on children but the dosage will be increase by four times. In addition, you get cream to apply on it so that your red spots will recover faster. I also get a week long MC and there will be a review at the end of this week. This is to ensure that I do not spread it to my colleagues who may in turn bring the infection back to their families.

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a human syndrome caused by intestinal viruses of the Picornaviridae family. Click here to find more on HFMD>>>
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Kuriya Dinning No Kids Policy

Kuriya Dinning is the latest restaurant on the list in Singapore that does not welcome kids under 6 to the restaurant. The reason cited is it want to provide comfort and good environment for it's dinners.
I am able to understand their concern as kids do create noise at dinning places. As a father, I like other parents will try to pacify our kids while dinning out. It still cannot be prevented as kids are very active and are excited when dinning outside.
All parents you do not need to worry as many restaurants still welcome kids to their places. Remember, families spending are much more than couples or other dinners. They also liven the atmosphere of the dinning place.

Family, Medical

Trip to SNEC

I am bringing my mother to the Singapore National Eye Centre for her eyes checkup. The clinic has move to a better and luxury environment on the 4 floor. It is a nice clinic but this may cause a rise in health care cost.
You need to visit the polyclinic for a referral letter before visiting the SNEC. You will be treated as a private patient if you come directly without a referral letter.
There is nothing wrong with her eyes and the doctor has made arrangement for her to visit again in 10 months time. Trip to SNEC

Children, Family

Virus spreading within Family

It started with our son falling sick early this week. The whole family got the flu and fever virus by the end of the week. We need to monitor the children temperature using a digital thermometer. If temperature rises to above 38 degrees, we will need to sponge them to reduce the temperature.
All of us are now recuperating at home. Amelia has missed one day of lesson and will be back at her kindergarten next Monday.


Strengthing of Family Relationship

My father has recently passed away and it has a big impact on the family. You can read more about my Father Cancer Fight by clicking here.
We have to spend more time accompanying our mother as she has lost his beloved partner. She look stable now as she is pre-occupied with us and her grand children.
Her elder sister who has never talk to our family over the past 5 years due to a dispute with our Father. She has chosen to listen to her husband and cut off all relations with the rest of the family except her brother. I can forgive but will never forget what my father has experiences.