One of the pretty Asia Girl from Taiwan for your viewing pleasure.

I hope by looking at her can remove the stress from your work or personal life. This will help to improve the mental health for the guys.

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Taiwan Bunny Girl at Hot Pot Restaurant

You will find some of these pretty Taiwan ladies serving at the local hot pot or BBQ restaurants. They will make use of the bunny girls to fight off the fierce completion. Guys come in to look at the pretty waitress and enjoy the food at the same time.

The Taiwan Bunny waitress are pretty and this is something you will definitely not get in Singapore. Even the Hooters restaurant at Clark Quay does not have such a high standard of waitress.


Leak Video of bellywellyjelly

I am not sure whether this leak video was uploaded for a purpose but it really spice up the forums.

Christabel is a top blogger with many followers on her different social platforms. The video had already been removed but the discussion goes on in the forums.

Christabel Social Platforms


Sexy food vendor at Taiwan Market

You can turn your sales into the maximum with acceptable food taste with a lady with good cleavage and ultra shirts. The food do not have to be the best but snaking queue will form due to the guy curiosity and attraction of the opposite sex.

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http://Busty babe in ultra-short shorts helps Taiwanese snack vendor quadruple sales Busty babe in ultra-short shorts helps Taiwanese snack vendor quadruple sales