Bugis Junction Moldy Ceiling

Moldy Ceiling are unsightly for visitors but they are happening every where in air condition space if they are not taken care. But they do take time to form and start spreading.

  Moldy Ceiling at Level 1 BHG

The above moldy ceiling maybe due to condensation form around the supply air duct. It may also be due to water dripping from above the supply air grill due to poor insulation. This may not be resolve timely due to the cost involve to do the repair and made good the ceiling. But this will cause the indoor air quality to drop due to the presence of mold.


Trains down on PSLE First Day

The trains on eastern Singapore start to have issue after 6am. This will affect PSLE students and staffs turning up on time at the examination centre on 28 Sept 2017.

This had resulted in undue stress to the parents of PSLE and the students who need to catch train to the school.

Trains having problem 2 hours prior to start of PSLE.

Not sure Ministry of Education had make any announcement.

Trains still having issue at 8am.

Let’s hope this will not add stress to our PSLE candidates. This must be additional protocol made known to public via social media by Ministry of Education.


Special Treatment for VIP and GOH

VIP (Very Important Person) and GOH (Guest of Honor) are accord with special privileges whenever they visit certain buildings or places. Their route are well planned and lift are home to serve them to their destination.

They will only see the good side of the facility and shielded away from things that are bad. This may not be good as they do not see the real reality of the society or the real facility issue that are build for the community.

Many advance party members will ensure that the facility they visit are in tip top condition. No work are allowed to occur on the path that they are taking.

The public however will still take the opportunity to feedback to the VIP and GOH on facility issue or community problems. There are free to comment as it strive to improve our society. Staffs are not able to make comment due to restriction accord to them due to company policy.

It is difficult to change the work culture but learn to live with it. Stay HAPPY.


Ghost Festival 2017 Prayers

The Ghost Festival is a traditional festival for the Chinese. There are now many educated Chinese who now no longer believe in the tradition. But there is no stopping of others who still believe in this special festival. It is up to individual on their belief.

Everyone queuing up to place their joy stick into the urn after the end of the prayer session.

Do you believe in this special festival?



The BEX ASIA is held from 12 to 14 Sept at Marina Bay Sands Expo. The best way to get to the exhibition is by the trains as Marina Central are close to traffic due to the Singapore Grand Prix F1.

I continue to be granted a VIP for the event. This event allowed me to gather the technology available to ensure that the healthcare projects can utilise it to the best of my knowledge.

This year, I visited the Holiday Inn Express at Clarke Quay. They had made use of open ventilation and effective use of air conditioning within the hotel to make it a green hotel. Thermal comfort is not sacrificed as guest can control their FCU according to their needs.

I see a rise of China exhibitors and a drop of local exhibitor. It was a disappointment to me as the local companies can serve my needs better than the oversea exhibitor. Unless they partner with local companies to market the products but this is not the case for all the participants.

The seminars give me a lot of insights to bring improvement to our green building. There is much technology we can utilise to reduce the energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency.

I am looking forward to BEX ASIA 2018.


Pretty TTSH Nurse

This pretty nurse from TTSH was discover by one of the Hardwarezone forum user.

She is pretty with the next door girl look. Her looks surpassed those vying for TNP New Face or Beauty Contest Finalists. Do you agree?

She is not local but from Malaysia where most of the chio bu comes from. Her name should be Sim Xiu Yuan as I guess it from the Instagram account.

You can view more of her lovely pictures on her Instagram account.

HWZ Forums are talking about her

There are many pretty girls like her in the healthcare line. They are either working as nurse, radiogdapher, health care assistant, back end staffs and many others. Therefore engineer like us are gifted to work in such a conducive environment. If u feel stress, just talk a walk in the hospital ground and wards to see all the girls from the different countries.


Fluke Seminar

I have the golden opportunity to attend the Fluke Seminar. They have bought together professional from different industry to learn and share together.

The Fluke Seminar was held at the Carlton Hotel Empress Room 4 and 5. It is free and inclusive of coffee break and lunch.

It was exciting to learn all the different products offer by Fluke to solve your everyday engineering problems. There is substantial investment on the product but it is of high quality as compare with other competitors.

Engineers will need to make measurement in order to improve or resolve problems. But we may not really get Fluke tools but sometimes their competitor products due to the costing.

Every engineers had some issues at their site and was eager to find out how the tools would help them.

Sometimes we were not able to realise the full potential of Fluke product as we are only given operator training. Fluke staff also told us that workshop on the products are chargeable but it is a detail training.